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For Authors


The Bulletin publishes original papers in English and only in exceptional cases in other languages. The papers must not be already published (or be under consideration for publication) elsewhere.

Submitted papers must contain a small abstract without numerical references to the bibliography.

The papers are to be submitted in PDF format to the email address

bhms.submit fourier.math.uoc.gr

If there are accompanying files to be submitted, then all files should be submitted in a single zip file.

For a paper to be accepted it must be approved by all subject coordinators.

After acceptance

After a paper has been accepted for publication the author should send the necessary files for the reproduction of the paper. We strongly suggest that the paper be written in $\rm \LaTeX$ source code, preferably in the amsart format. If there are more than one files then these files should be sent in a single zip file.

The authors will also be asked to sign a "consent to publish" statement.


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